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Lakes & Rivers
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Canada's lakes and rivers comprise a significant
proportion of the world's freshwater resources.  More
than 40 cubic kilometres of fresh water are consumed
in Canada each year - enough to drain Lake Simcoe
three times over.  While those resources are generally
renewable, they are finite and must be managed to
ensure there is enough to supply our population, our
economy and the ecosystems we all depend on.  As
such, protection and sustainable management of our
surface waters must be a priority when considering
developments or other activities that pose a potential
risk to those resources.

Among other things, management of surface water
resources means controlling the amount used
(quantity) and maintaining or improving the quality
of those resources.  Both can be affected by
development or day to day activities occurring in the drainage basin.  Impacts may be rapid and easy to spot
(e.g., sediment release) or may be slow, incremental and essentially invisible (e.g., dissolved nutrients).  The
relationship to groundwater must also be considered, as most watercourses have their origins from groundwater

Oakridge Environmental Ltd. staff work with government agencies, developers, concerned citizens and
First Nations to study and manage surface water resources.  By assessing the potential for impact, we can provide
recommendations for eliminating or mitigating those impacts.  By monitoring surface water resources, we can
help stakeholders ensure compliance with provincial and federal standards.

To see examples of how and where our surface water services have been utilized, please click on any of the
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