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647 Neal Drive, Suite #3
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K9J 6X7

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Aggregates include sand, gravel and crushed rock
materials used in construction.  While an increasing
percentage of these materials are recycled, there
remains a demand for new aggregate materials.  These
are obtained from pits (sand & gravel) or quarries

Mineral resources are the sources of metals and
industrial minerals which are the raw materials needed
for manufacturing the various goods that are critical
for the function of modern societies.

To replenish the supply of aggregates and mineral
resources when existing sources are depleted, new pits,
quarries or mines are established.  Technical studies
are needed to ensure that the proposed operations do
not impact the environment, including sensitive
ecological functions and groundwater supplies.

Prior to any development concept, Oakridge Environmental Ltd. can provide resource evaluation and geological
surveys to determine the extent and quality of the resources.  Once a resource has been identified and
development is proposed, an application under Provincial legislation must be submitted by the proponent.  At
that time, our staff can provide the necessary hydrogeological and natural environmental investigations that must
accompany the application.  It is typical that those studies place constraints on the development to ensure that
they are operated with protection of the environment in mind, while recognizing their importance to the economy.

Once established, compliance monitoring services are provided to ensure that the required operational
and environmental controls are properly implemented.

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