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Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA)
A Phase II ESA typically involves subsurface explorations of
soil and/or groundwater below a suspected contaminated

Drilling can provide soil samples which are examined for
evidence of contamination.  Samples are collected for
laboratory analyses to determine the concentration of

The purpose of a Phase II ESA is to confirm and delineate, or
to demonstrate the absence of, contamination. A Phase II
ESA generally involves intrusive testing procedures such as
sampling and laboratory analysis.

Generally, a Phase II ESA is performed following completion
of the Phase I investigation.  However, it is not essential that
a Phase I ESA be completed prior to conducting a Phase II
ESA.  In some instances, sufficient information exists
regarding potential contamination to proceed directly to a
Phase II ESA.  In other cases, a Phase II ESA may be
undertaken to establish a quantitative baseline for
environmental conditions at a site.  Typically, Phase II
investigations are undertaken prior to clean-up activities if serious contamination problems are found.

Phase II Environmental Site assessments (ESA) are conducted as a more detailed investigation in situations
where a Phase I study has determined that there is a significant risk of potential contamination.

Field sampling and analysis programs must be developed on a site-specific basis by the Assessor supervising the
Phase 2 study. The sampling and analysis program may include elements such as:

a) soil drilling and/or test pitting
b) geophysical surveys
c) soil vapour probe installations
d) surface water sampling
e) groundwater sampling
f) sampling of local flora & fauna

A Phase II ESA may itself proceed in phases, depending on the outcome of each stage.  Phase II ESA's may
commence with screening surveys and coarse sample spacing.  More detailed sampling is frequently necessary to
delineate areas of contamination and to define parameters essential for risk assessments or remediation /
clean-up programs.  For more information or to request a no-obligation quote, please contact us.