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Solutions for Today’s Environment
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Monitoring & Compliance
Permit to Take
Compliance Approval
Renewable Energy
Today, it is necessary to meet stringent operational
standards imposed through various provincial
regulations intended to protect the environment and to
carefully manage our natural resources.  These can
include meeting provincial or federal limits and
objectives for air emissions, effluent, groundwater and
surface water quality.  Monitoring programs are
frequently required to ensure compliance with those
limits.  Typically, monitoring is mandated by an
Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), Certificate
of Approval (C of A) or a Permit to Take Water (PTTW).

Compliance monitoring is necessary to ensure that
natural resources and the environment are not
impacted by a process, operation or an undertaking.
Monitoring also provides industry and government
agencies with important data for policy and planning.
In Ontario, non-compliance is taken seriously and can result in severe penalties, including fines, suspension of
operations and even imprisonment.

Oakridge Environmental Ltd. provides the necessary services to ensure regulatory compliance in a variety of
settings.  We are confident that our knowledgeable staff can provide the guidance and support needed to achieve
your compliance requirements.

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