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Hydrogeology is the branch of GeoScience that
specializes in studying of the occurrence, quality,
quantity and movement of water in soils and rock

Canada is blessed with a significant amount of the
world's fresh water resources, a large portion being
groundwater.  While generally renewable, these
resources are not infinite and must be shared and
protected.  Population growth and our improved
living standards drive ever-increasing demands on
groundwater, despite the total volume available
staying roughly the same.  The distribution and
quality of groundwater is not uniform.  Some areas
have an abundance of good quality groundwater
while other areas have barely enough.  In some areas,
historical land uses have resulted in contamination
of the soil and groundwater.

The hydrogeologist's task is to explore and quantify groundwater resources, assess quality and provide
recommendations to policy makers for the management, protection and improvement of these resources.
Ultimately, management requires balancing the needs of our population and economy with the needs of
ecosystems that depend on groundwater.  As surface water sources are not independent of groundwater,
applying hydrogeology is also important for the management of wetlands, lakes and rivers.

Hydrogeological studies can encompass a wide variety of project types.  To see what project types ORE can
help you with, please click on one of the links below or contact us for more information:
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