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K9J 6X7

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Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
Phase I
Phase II
(Site Clean-up)
Record of Site
A “Brownfield Site” is a property whose redevelopment
or re-use  can be complicated by the presence or
potential presence of hazardous substances, pollutant
or contaminant.  These are often former industrial
lands. that require clean-up to ensure protection of the
environment and communities.

Brownfield development is encouraged to reduce
development pressure on valuable, undeveloped land,
and benefits the environment by improving air, water
and soil quality.  However, in order to become useable
land, an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is
normally  completed to ensure the property is safe for
Its intended use.  These assessments can include
Screening Level Site Assessments, Phase I & II
Environmental Site Assessments, Remediation, and
often, a Record of Site Condition (RSC).

Oakridge Environmental Ltd. is experienced in providing Environmental Site Assessment Services for a broad
range of properties including gas stations, dry cleaning operations, industrial operations, and more.  As a
practising member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists, we are licensed to provide our clients with
exceptional and quality services that will be sure to meet their environmental assessment needs.

To see examples of how and where our site assessment services have been utilized, please click on any of the
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