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Environmental Impact Studies (EIS)
An Environmental Impact Study - also referred to as an
"EIS", is the application of environmental biology for
the scientific evaluation of  potential impacts
associated with development or alteration of the
landscape. EIS's generally include the mapping of
terrestrial vegetation communities and identification
of sensitive species and their habitat.  An EIS can also
include assessment of aquatic environments, fisheries
and wetlands.  Areas of Natural or Scientific Interest
("ANSI's") are also assessed for their protection.

An EIS is typically completed by a proponent during
the planning stage of a project such as a new
development, a proposed redevelopment, a
construction project, a new or expanded
transportation route or any large scale site
disturbance.  While the EIS focuses on the project site,
it also must assess the potential for impacts on sensitive environmental features occurring within adjacent lands.

EIS's are often policy-driven and are a required study needed to accompany a development application.
EIS's often require a multi-season approach, so that the full range of species present on the site can be studied.
The scope of an EIS can be comprehensive (for large developments) or "scoped" for smaller developments where
the probability of impact is considered moderate.  For very small developments, the EIS may be streamlined to
create an Environmental Impact Statement (EISt).  The "scoping" of an EIS is often mandated by the reviewing

Where sensitive species, habitats or environmental features are identified by the EIS, recommendations for
mitigating impact will be provided, such as establishing buffer areas or set-backs.  In some instances, restoration
programs may be recommended.

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