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Solutions for Today’s Environment
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647 Neal Drive, Suite #3
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K9J 6X7

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Environmental Biology
Environmental Biology is the study of living organisms
and their interactions with the natural environment.
Professional services in this field focus on the effects
of human activities on visible living organisms (flora
and fauna).

As our population and standard of living grows, so does
our potential for impact on the natural environment.
Careful assessment of the natural environment is
needed at the planning stages of development to ensure
that sensitive species and their habitats are not
impacted.  Important natural features must be
identified.  Sensitive species and their habitats must be
identified for their protection.  To reduce or eliminate
potential impacts, protective mitigation measures may
need to be recommended and implemented.

Working with government agencies, conservation authorities, developers, concerned citizens and First Nations,
ORE's experienced staff will evaluate the potential impact of a project and recommend strategies and approaches
for least-impact.

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Photo of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)
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