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647 Neal Drive, Suite #3
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K9J 6X7

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Consultation is an opportunity to participate in
meaningful discussion that allows for the exchange of
information regarding a particular project.  It is an
integral component in any successful project and
should take place very early in the planning phases of
any project.  Consultation can occur in the form of
public meetings, one-on-one discussions, or project
site visits, and may include interested parties such as
concerned citizens, agencies, interest groups,
Aboriginal communities, etc.

Consultation is important in the success of any project.
Lack of consultation can result in resistance,
negativity or criticism toward a project.  Effective and
meaningful consultation is a transparent process that
informs interested parties, and lets them know what is
happening, why it is happening and how it will happen.
It also provides an opportunity to obtain feedback and help identify any problems or impacts that can be
resolved early in the project planning phases, allowing for better decision making overall.

The experienced staff at Oakridge Environmental Ltd. provide services that allow for a successful and seamless
consultation process.  We act as a facilitator and provide a neutral line of  communication between the
proponent and the interested parties, while providing technical expertise on solutions for potential impacts or
concerns.  It is our mission to ensure that the proponent and interested parties are kept informed about
discussions and important decisions throughout the duration of the entire project.

Explore one of the many project types ORE has experience in to find out more about our how our consultation
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