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Canada-wide, we have nineteen (19) known species
of bats in the country, with most occurring along the
west coast (i.e., British Columbia), although data
resources are limited and ever evolving.  The
federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) Public Registry
currently lists three (3) bat species as "Special Concern"
(although 2 are classified as "data deficient"), one (1)
as "Threatened" and three (3) as "Endangered".

Ontario is known to be home to eight (8) different species of
bats.  In addition to the SARA (above), Species at Risk
Ontario (SARO) currently lists three (3) species of Myotis
(mouse-eared bat) and the Tri-Colored Bat (Perimyotis
subflavus) as Endangered in the Province.  The Myotis species include the Little Brown Myotis
(Myotis lucifugus), Northern “Long-Eared” Myotis (Myotis septentrionalis) and the Eastern Small-Footed
Myotis (Myotis leibii).

As a result, any comprehensive Species at Risk (SAR) analysis needs to include a review of whether or not these
bat species are present on your site.

Unlike most other SAR inspections, it is not possible for trained personnel to simply observe bats from sight and
sound.  Bats are small, nocturnal mammals that emit ultrasonic sounds (for echolocation) that are not
audible to the human ear.  Although one may be able to observe bats flying (foraging) in the evening hours,
identifying individual bat species typically requires a close-up view by observing individuals in roosts/
hibernacula (which can be harmful to both the observer and the bats themselves).

Oakridge Environmental Ltd. staff have the knowledge to conduct SAR surveys for bats using state-of-the-art
ultrasonic sound detection equipment.  Although only regionally accepted protocols for bat detection in
Ontario exist, ORE staff can customize solutions specific to the needs of your project throughout Ontario.

To learn more about bats and the threats facing them, please visit the Toronto Zoo’s website: