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Site Servicing Studies
Privately serviced rural developments require planning to
incorporate wells and sewage systems on each lot.  A site servicing
study combines terrain mapping, soil explorations and
hydrogeological assessments to determine the capacity of
development lands to sustain those services.

Test wells are usually constructed and subjected to pumping and
water quality tests to verify that a sufficient supply (yield) of
acceptable quality groundwater is available to support the
proposed dwellings.  In addition, an impact assessment is also
required to ensure that the development does not represent an
unacceptable risk to the environment.

Servicing (and hydrogeological) studies are often conducted in
parallel with natural environment studies (EIS, NHE, and/or
AFSAR) to provide guidance with respect to mitigating impacts.

Developments created by a plan of subdivision or severance in
Ontario are now generally required to be supported by
hydrogeological studies which comply with Ministry of
Environment (MOE) guidelines and procedures.  These studies
must accompany the development application.

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