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Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA)
A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the
systematic process by which a Site Assessor seeks to
determine whether a property contains or may potentially
contain contamination.  A Phase I ESA does not normally
involve significant intrusive procedures such as sampling.

Phase I ESA’s may be used to make informed decisions
about property transactions, establish baseline
environmental conditions, assist in meeting regulatory
requirements, and as an initial step in a site clean-up.

Phase I ESA’s may assist in reducing uncertainty about
potential environmental liabilities and may be a basis for
further investigation of the property.  The Phase 1 study
typically involves no intrusive testing and relies on
background (historical) data plus visual inspections of the

If the Phase I ESA determines that there is a significant
potential for contamination, a Phase II Study is typically

There are two governing bodies that cover Phase I ESA’s in Ontario.  The Ministry of Environment sets out
specific tasks that need to be completed as part of a Phase I ESA  in order to obtain a Record of Site Condition
(RSC) for a property.

For purposes other than filing a RSC (e.g. real estate transaction, due diligence, etc.), the Canadian Standards
Association (CSA) has published less stringent standards for conducting a Phase I ESA.

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