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Solutions for Today’s Environment
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Environmental Geology
Environmental Geology is about problem solving.
More strictly defined, Environmental Geology is the
application of GeoScience to solve issues relating to
human interactions with the environment.

Environmental geology, is a multidisciplinary field
that draws upon related fields such as geophysics,
geochemistry, hydrochemistry, biogeochemistry,
hydrogeology, land use planning, GIS/Cartography and
the law.  There is a strong link between environmental
biology and environmental geology as their objectives
are very similar.  

On a global scale, population growth, industrialization
and technological advances have greatly improved
our standard of living.  Ironically, those forces have
left us with a legacy of contaminated sites, poorly
planned growth, fragmentation of natural habitats, inadequate services and the degradation of surface water
and groundwater.  Environmental Geologists provide impact assessments for proposed and existing land uses,
waste disposal facilities and resource development.  Environmental geologists also provide information to
policy-makers to minimize those impacts and to mitigate exposure to natural hazards.  

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