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380 Armour Road, Suite 127
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
K9H 7L7

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Please note: As of September 1, 2017 Oakridge Environmental Ltd. will be moving to our new office at 647 Neal Drive, Unit 3, Peterborough, Ontario. K9J 6X7

About Us

Our vision is to be the leading problem-solver among Environmental
consulting firms.


At Oakridge Environmental Ltd., we promote creative thinking,
consistently resulting in innovative solutions to difficult problems.
Through the efforts of our knowledgeable and approachable staff we
strive to help our clients proceed comfortably through every step of
their project with the aspiration of building long lasting, trust-based
working relationships.  Ultimately, our clients' success is best
achieved by respecting the environment and by providing services
that are in the public interest. To us, this is integrity.


Be approachable and see the problem from our client’s point of view

Put ourselves in our client’s shoes when making decisions

Listen and be considerate of our client’s suggestions

Explain complex issues to our clients so they will understand and be
  partners going forward

Do not begin until we know that our services are needed and have
  been scoped correctly

Look for creative solutions to solve problems

Build trusting relationships

Understand that our client’s success will be our success